Jamie Bice - Athlete of the Week - January 2013

Posted on: 01/04/2013


Buckhorn High School - Athlete of the Week - January 2013


Jamie Bice - AOW - January 2013

Week 1

Jamie Bice – Buckhorn High School
4.35 GPA
Sports: Football and Basketball Cheerleading / Competition Cheerleading

Gone are the days where the cheerleader was a person who merely dressed up for game-day and lead the crowd in cheer.  Gone are the days where the cheerleader was just one of many who perhaps, maybe jumped up and cheered or lifted a leg in yell.  Gone are all the preconceived notions you’ve ever had about cheerleaders.  Today’s cheerleader is an athlete who works hard and competes.  Like the very first Athlete of the Week for 2013, cheerleading is her sport.  Jamie Bice is a senior at Buckhorn High School and when she’s not leading the Bucks to victory, she’s leading her own cheer as she achieves her goals with her team, in the classroom and around her community.  Jamie has been cheering all throughout high school and has moved her way up to be varsity captain of the football and basketball cheerleading squads.  It’s more than just games, it’s competition for Jamie, as she actively competes in cheerleading competitions.  Jamie brings a great balance of art and study together with her success in the Buckhorn High Concert Band and the 4.35 GPA she carries in the classroom.  Lets’ quickly go down the list; she’s  a permanent resident on the honor roll, she’s currently taking AP classes in Calculus, Biology and English, she’s a member of the National Honor Society, she was the school winner of Wendy’s High School Heisman Award and has already been accepted to the University of Alabama at Birmingham undergraduate Neuroscience program.  As we mentioned before, Jamie loves music.  She’s first-chair flute in her school’s concert band.  Jamie loves to give back.  She’s volunteered so much of her time to helping special needs students and tutoring middle school students in math.  She’s a member of FCA and plays in her church band.  Congratulations, Jamie!

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