Patient Profile: Ashley Redmon

Ashley Redmon Finds her Sunshine

Ashley Redmon was a trained veterinarian assistant living in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her home and her prospects looked sunny when a badly broken arm and an extensive surgery that involved pins and a titanium rod changed everything.

Originally from the Huntsville area, Ashley moved back home to be closer to family. Over the next year her arm just didn’t seem to completely heal. She hoped that her pain would resolve and she would regain the full function of her limb. Unfortunately, she did not get the outcome she hoped for.

Due to ongoing pain and increasing mobility challenges, Ashley was unable to continue working in her field. She was still in intolerable pain, sometimes so bad that she would end up in the hospital on pain medication and in desperate search of relief. Her sunny life had taken a dark turn.

She felt terrible. Ashley despised being reliant on pain medication. Her arm was always throbbing and aching, preventing her from pursuing the life and career she had grown to love. Ashley yearned for a better quality of life.

The toll on her body was more than just physical. The pain from her injury and surgery impacted her mental health, as well.  “Nobody wants the girl who can’t work and take care of herself,” she explained.  “I got really depressed and down, which I have a tendency toward depression and anxiety anyway.”

Ashley didn’t have to face this challenge alone, thankfully. Her mother, father, and boyfriend have been everything to her, and made sure she didn’t attend a single appointment by herself. Her family also supported her when she decided to seek continued care from TOC.

Ashley first met with Dr. Leberte in 2016 to see if he could help alleviate the pain that was lingering in her arm so she could get on with her life.  Dr. Leberte ultimately diagnosed that her pain was not skeletal and referred her to Dr. Cosgrove, TOC’s trusted Pain Management professional, so he could treat her outstanding concerns and help her find relief.

Ashley was delighted with her treatment experience with Dr. Cosgrove and was excited to share what it was like as a patient. “Honestly, Dr Cosgrove and his whole staff have been so nice and always so comforting. His team really caters to their patients and asks ‘How can we help you feel better?’” she explained.

Dr. Cosgrove and his team succeeded in helping Ashley feel better. In 2018, she underwent a trial of an innovative therapy called neuromodulation. Two stimulation leads were inserted into her spine for a week and she did great.

A few weeks later, the permanent device was implanted. The procedure, according to Ashley, has given her her life back.

Ashley is expecting a baby girl in September and we could not be happier for her and her beautiful family! Ashley has found her sunshine again, and she didn’t even have to travel to find it.

TOC Patient Ashley Redmon“Dr. Cosgrove and his whole staff have been so nice and always so comforting. His team really caters to their patients.” – Ashley Redmon

“Ashley has done quite well with the stimulator. She’s realized two goals: improved pain control and decreased medication use. We have had many similar outcomes with this treatment and implant them regularly.”- Michael A. Cosgrove, MD, Pain Management Spine (Non-surgical)

(This article originally appeared in TOC’s Summer 2019 Newsletter.)