David Hood – Patient Story

Like many patients we hear from at The Orthopaedic Center (TOC), David is passionate about doing the things he loves. For David, that is playing the bass guitar — he is quite the musician! A bassist by profession, David has produced songs with the best of the best in the music industry, including Willie Nelson and Cher. He also has played bass on albums for Joe Cocker, Aretha Franklin, Cat Stevens, Rod Stewart, and Sheryl Crow, to name a few. The list goes on and on of the famous singers who have collaborated with David.

But over a decade, back pain had become a way of life. In fact, David had strategically placed walking canes in each room of his house to help him walk. Over time the pain intensified and was debilitating, which made him immobile and left him feeling helpless with no relief. He knew he had to do something.

David’s doctor referred him to Dr. Cosgrove, TOC’s Pain Management and Interventional Spine specialist.  After reviewing David’s MRI, Dr. Cosgrove advised David that he was a candidate for a spinal cord stimulator. This stimulator is a device that is implanted and sends low levels of electricity directly into the spinal cord to relieve pain.

For David, the stimulator has been a game-changer. The canes have become a thing of the past, and he is back to enjoying playing bass in the recording studio.

The trusted team of pain management specialists at The Orthopaedic Center delivered a pain solution that has allowed David to return to the active lifestyle he loves most.

“I am the picture of a satisfied patient. I was in such bad shape. Overall I am doing so well! Dr. Cosgrove has turned things around for me.”

“I am the picture of a satisfied patient…Dr. Cosgrove has turned things around for me.” — TOC patient David Hood



Michael A. Cosgrove, M.D.

Dr. Cosgrove is an anesthesiologist who specializes in pain management. He specializes in the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of painful spine disorders. He also diagnoses and treats various other acute and chronic pain problems of the joints and extremities.

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