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5 Stars

Dr Brian Carter is very thorough and considerate, great treatment
5 Stars

I must say Dr. David Kyle is the GOAT(greatest of all times) one visit with him and I have NEW FEET! YAAAAYYY.

5 Stars

I am using Dr. Greco for my surgery this month, PCL reconstruction surgery and meniscus, and more. He has gone out of his way to see me twice to discuss this surgery and I brought my husband on my second appointment. He specializes in this particular reconstruction PCL surgery. I am going through a lot right now after my injuries and I have a long road ahead of me with more surgery to follow on my other knee as well. I have high anxiety and with all of this being unexpected Dr. Greco and his nurse Tracy and everyone at TOC have gone out of their way to answer questions, and they are very caring and really have a great bedside manner and it’s hard these days to find doctors and nurses that are this dedicated and compassionate with their patients! And they listen to their patients and they take your injuries seriously and offer the best treatments available! The people in their brace shop are so friendly and professional and gentle when fitting you for your braces and take the time with you to show you how to use the crutches too. Dr. Greco is very informative and very honest about the recovery process to help prepare me. Dr. Greco told me to look at the glass half full going into all of this and explained the process. I know in my heart I’m in good hands and I trust Huntsville hospital and his nurses and staff. Another thing about TOC is the smiling faces and friendly staff that answer the phone and set up appointments, they are great! And I’ve never had to wait long at all! I will add more later after surgery about my experience with recovery and rehab, I have full confidence that I will only have the best treatment!

Note : Feb.28th, 2020
I left this post on Fb HH today too !

I had PCL total reconstruction with a Grafted tendon and acute meniscus repairs . Dr. Greco TOC is my surgeon and the absolute best ! He specializes in this very complex knee reconstruction .
Upon arriving at HH 3 rd floor Orthepedic surgery , from the moment we entered everyone was so professional and treated me and my husband with such kindness ! They are smiling even at 5 in the morning and they truly take care of you . The nurse that started my IV went out of her way , she understood my severe anxiety and I explained to her that I was a hard stick. She numbed the area before the IV. I didn’t even feel the stick, and she got it in my hand on the first try ... remarkable!!!!! Tori my Nurse was a rock for me today !!! She walked me through everything , I told her I suffer with extreme anxiety and she genuinely cared for me , I was so worried about the pain too and she promised me they would not let me hurt , and wow .. they went out of their way to keep me as pain free as possible . The anesthesiologist he was incredible he was very thorough , professional and him and his team did an excellent job of putting me to sleep keeping me out of pain the whole way through.
All of my fears of this surgery , I’m so grateful that God put me in the right hands of all these excellent surgeons nurses and doctors❤️
Thank you Dr. Greco for providing the best ever hospital and care for me! And thank you for your God-given talent as a surgeon of doing everything you can do to fix my knees.
Not only are you an excellent doctor and surgeon but you truly care about your patients, from the start to the end you provide your patients with the best care!
You were very thorough and you explain the procedures very well, I felt like I was in the care of family versus strangers! That’s how well all of you treat your patients❤️
I know that I have a long road ahead of me with recovery and other surgeries to follow with my other knee as well, but after today I have every confidence in you and everyone at Huntsville Hospital and the HH orthopedic surgery floor🌸

5 Stars

I had a total knee replacement done by Dr. Thomasson on Jan. 15, 2020. The first couple of weeks of therapy was, well shall we say challenging. Emily was my therapist for most of my visits and I saw Jeremy for quite a few as well. The care I received was wonderful from everyone in this office from the people at the front counter, to the therapists, to the techs. Emily and Jeremy helped me accomplish things I didn't think I was capable of and I would never have thought I could have come this far in such a short time. I would recommend these people to anyone who needs therapy. They are compassionate, yet let you know the expectations they have for each visit. The care I got here made all of the difference in my continued recovery.

5 Stars

I have really enjoyed working with Taylor he has been very pleasant very caring. He is very knowledgeable about the exercises and is always happy to answer any questions I may have.

5 Stars

I had a total right hip replacement Dec. 30, 2019. Dr. Su did the surgery and it went good. Had one pain shot right after surgery and that was all the pain I had. Used the walker 3 days and then 3 days with a cane. I would like to thank Dr. Su and all his team for a great job. Been three weeks and still no pain and walking good. Couldn't ask for a better out come.

5 Stars

The Staff at the facility is pleasant. My wait was not long and the visit with Dr. Maddox was excellent. He listened and explained my injury and my plan of healing. Thank you!

5 Stars

I’ve seen Dr. Cantrell and Dr. Sabatini over the last three years. Both are amazing. I had an ankle surgery, knee surgery and surgery to repair my broken foot. Awesome surgeons.

5 Stars

I was very pleased with Dr. Rodriguez-Feo. He was very kind and understanding. His staff were very good to me.

5 Stars

Dr. Lincoln and his staff are very kind and helpful. Got another appointment in a few weeks. I recommend them

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