Occupational Therapy

TOC employs five certified hand therapists (CHT) in the Huntsville/Madison, Athens/Limestone, and Scottsboro/Jackson County areas. Our hand therapists are specialized in treatment of the hand and upper extremity.

Their services include:

  • custom splinting
  • range of motion/strengthening
  • dexterity training
  • sensory retraining
  • wound care

Most patients may have been affected by some sort of trauma to the hand or upper extremity; however, some of them come from chronic conditions such as:

  • carpal tunnel
  • tennis elbow
  • arthritis

A treatment plan tailored to you

Similarly to physical therapists, our occupational therapists perform a detailed evaluation and set up a treatment plan that may consist of:

  • modalities (ultrasound, fluidotherapy, iontophoresis, electrical stimulation, etc.)
  • manual therapy
  • massage
  • education
  • therapeutic exercise

Our occupational therapists work very closely with our hand surgeons to make sure that the patients’ needs are being met with the appropriate treatments. The treatment plan of each patient is tailored specifically to return them to a productive lifestyle.


To request an appointment

To request an appointment with our office, please call (256) 428-3000 or complete our online appointment request form.