Hip Pain & Injury Treatment in Northern Alabama & Tennessee

Whether you’re sitting, standing, walking, or bending, your hip health is a fundamental component of your daily life. People of varying ages and lifestyles are susceptible to dozens of different hip conditions and diseases, including osteoarthritis and bursitis.

The Hip Center of Excellence at TOC brings together a team of specialty-trained hip surgeons and support staff with extensive training and experience to diagnose and treat all conditions of the hip. With the help of premier technology to ensure patient understanding and comfort, our fellowship-trained physicians get you back to your active lifestyle.

Hip Conditions We See & Treat

TOC physicians treat a wide range of conditions, including:

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Total Hip Replacement


Hip Arthroscopy

The Hip Center of Excellence at TOC utilizes advanced Stryker technology to increase patient comfort and education before, during, and after hip arthroscopic surgery. Hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure where the surgeon distracts the hip and can then view and repair the hip joint. Our experienced physicians are now using Stryker HipMap, Pivot Guardian Distraction System, and HipCheck to give patients an advanced surgical experience. TOC is the first and only Alabama orthopedic treatment center to use all three Stryker technological advances in hip arthroscopy.

Stryker HipMap | TOC Huntsville

HipMap is a planning tool that is used before the surgery. The tool provides a patient-specific, interactive 3D representation of the hip. HipMap also produces a detailed, easy-to-understand report that TOC surgeons use to explain diagnoses and clinical decisions.

Stryker Guardian Bed | TOC Huntsville 

The most common complications of traditional hip distraction – temporary groin paralysis and heel pain – are eliminated with the use of the new Stryker Pivot Guardian Distraction System. The system is specifically designed to increase patient comfort by mitigating traditional complications. The new technology provides precise control to the TOC surgeon and increased range-of-motion to allow a faster, more convenient procedure.

Stryker HipCheck | TOC Huntsville 

During and after the hip arthroscopic surgery, the TOC surgeon uses HipCheck to take continuous photos of the hip joint to record progress. The HipCheck device is a touchscreen device that displays the photos of the hip joint to provide better visualization for the surgeon. After the hip arthroscopy, the patient can see all photos taken to ensure confidence in the procedure’s success.


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