Orthopaedic Robotic Surgery in Northern Alabama & Tennessee

TOC is leading the way in robotic orthopaedic technology. Our orthopaedic surgeons specialize in applying computer-assisted technology for spine, hip and knee procedures.

For more than 45 years, TOC has been recognized as the Tennessee Valley’s leader in orthopaedics, spine surgery and sports medicine. Our pediatric, spine and robotic joint replacement surgeons specialize in the latest cutting-edge
techniques to stay unparalleled in their expertise and skill.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is orthopaedic robotic surgery?

Orthopaedic robotic surgery, or robot-assisted surgery, is a procedure in which your surgeon uses revolutionary technology to create a personalized surgical plan and make precise, calculated movements to give you an enhanced recovery.

What types of surgeries are robot-assisted?

Hip, knee, and spine procedures can be performed by TOC surgeons with the assistance of a robotic arm. Specifically, your surgeon may perform any of the following procedures with robotic assistance:

  • partial knee replacement
  • total knee replacement
  • total hip replacement
  • spinal fusion
  • surgical treatment of scoliosis
How does orthopaedic robotic surgery work?

A 3D CT-based planning software lets your surgeon choose the best implant options, based on your anatomy, to ensure a safe and predictable procedure that is charted down to almost every movement.

At the time of your joint replacement or spine surgery, your orthopaedic surgeon will guide a robotic arm that is
programmed to only follow your predetermined surgical plan. The robotic arm does not perform your surgery. Your highly skilled surgeon controls the robotic arm, and it cannot operate without your surgeon guiding it.

Who is a candidate for orthopaedic robotic surgery?

Most joint replacement and spine surgery candidates are eligible for robotic surgery. Schedule a consultation with one of our joint replacement, spine, or pediatric spine surgeons by calling (256) 539-2728 or clicking here.

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Ready to dance again, this time without pain. Learn how robot-assisted knee replacement surgery helped Rita regain her happiness and quality of life.







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