Shoulder Pain & Injury Treatment in Northern Alabama & Tennessee

The Knee and Shoulder Center at TOC brings together a team of dedicated and highly trained physicians and support staff to diagnose and treat all conditions of the shoulder.

Shoulder Surgery

Seeking a physician with subspecialization ensures that the patient has the best possibility for a full recovery within the shortest time frame. When it comes to the treatment of shoulders, extreme caution needs to be exercised to maintain the delicate balance between soft tissue tension and stability, as it is intimately linked to a range of motion and function. The specialists at TOC are board-certified and trained in the latest minimally invasive procedures that allow faster recoveries with less pain. Additionally, they treat complex fractures and degenerative conditions utilizing state-of-the-art reconstructive techniques. In conjunction with our trained physical therapists, we provide a continuum of care that ensures speedy recovery and a return to a healthy lifestyle at the earliest possible time.

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