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The Knee Center at TOC brings together a team of dedicated and highly trained physicians and support staff to diagnose and treat all conditions of the knee.

Mini Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement is sometimes the only alternative when pain becomes constant. TOC physicians are trained in the mini-incision total knee replacement which allows knee surgery to be performed less invasively, using the same clinically proven implants as traditional surgery.

The mini-incision procedure can be performed through an incision as small as 4 inches, as opposed to the traditional 8 inch incision. Benefits include less disruption of tissue during surgery, smaller incision and scar, the ability to perform more exercises (as early as day one after surgery), and less pain.

Quad Sparing Knee Replacement

Using state-of-the-art techniques and instruments, TOC surgeons can place the same, clinically proven implants used in traditional knee replacement surgery, but through a much smaller incision and without cutting through key tendons and muscles.

In traditional surgery, the surgeon makes an 8 inch incision down the front of the knee, and tendon and quadriceps muscle (which control the bending of the knee) are cut. In quad-sparing knee replacement, a 3 to 5 inch incision is made on the side of the knee, and the tendon and “quad” muscle are separated, rather than cut.

Compared to standard surgery, potential benefits of this minimally invasive surgery include smaller incisions, shorter rehabilitation and less blood loss.

Knee Conditions We See & Treat


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