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Bioinductive Implant

A minimally invasive procedure for people suffering from shoulder rotator cuff tendon tears.

Dr. Cantrell is one of the few physicians in Alabama who specialize in this breakthrough procedure to treat patients with rotator cuff disease.

The REGENETEN Bioinductive Implant helps tendons heal biologically through the induction of new tissue growth. This allows patients to resume normal activities more quickly than traditional treatments, while reducing the likelihood of further degeneration or re-tears.

About the size of a postage stamp, the REGENETEN Bioinductive Implant is inserted through a small arthroscopic incision during a minimally invasive procedure. The implant induces the formation of new tendinous tissue over the surface of the rotator cuff tendon, resulting in a thicker tendon. This minimally invasive system is an option for people suffering from rotator cuff tendon tears in the shoulder joint.


What are the benefits of the Bioinductive Implant?

Depending on the stage of rotator cuff disease, the Bioinductive Implant can provide a range of potential benefits for patients, including:

  • Shorter rehabilitation, with decreased sling time.
  • Faster recovery, with less physical therapy.
  • Prevention or slowing of disease progression.
  • Healing of partial-thickness tears.
  • Decreased risk of developing a subsequent degenerative tear.

Dr. Cantrell has extensive training and has performed many bioinductive implants procedures for rotator cuff repairs.

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