Advanced On-Site Imaging with pedCAT

Assessing the true cause of a patient’s pain is essential for developing a customized treatment plan. At The Orthopaedic Center (TOC), this process begins with a one-on-one clinical evaluation so our specialists can learn a patient’s unique history. Then we use the latest technology to comprehensively understand the problem.

TOC is the only practice in Alabama to offer the new pedCAT technology, which delivers a huge step up in the diagnosis of foot and ankle issues. This advanced diagnostic imaging system produces weight-bearing three-dimensional views of the lower legs, which give our foot and ankle specialists the information they need to better diagnose the cause of your pain. The pedCAT is particularly useful for evaluating acute and chronic fractures, post-traumatic deformity and arthritis, diabetic Charcot Arthropathy, and degenerative and inflammatory arthritis.

How pedCAT works

A patient simply steps into the pedCAT scanner, and detailed images are captured below their knees. Unlike standard CT scanning, this unique CT allows our surgeons to assess the foot and ankle while weight bearing. In addition, the left and right foot and ankle can be scanned simultaneously without any repositioning. Scan time is one minute, and the pedCAT automatically generates standard X-ray views, as well as comprehensive CT imagery. The high-quality pedCAT foot and ankle imaging is faster than standard CT scans, resulting in several patient benefits, including significantly reduced exposure to radiation and easy access to step up into the scanner.

Our specialists use many different imaging modalities to assess the foot and ankle. MRI offers a detailed look at muscles tendons and ligaments, but it does not give the sharp, high-quality detail of the bones and joints that is offered with the CT scan. Often times it is necessary to use both MRI and CT scans to accurately formulate a treatment plan for foot and ankle problems.

Ask TOC about pedCAT

If you have foot and ankle pain or deformity, you can request an appointment with one of our foot and ankle specialist. TOC pedCAT imaging is conveniently performed on-site at our Main TOC office in downtown Huntsville, AL.



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