mi-eye 2™

A revolutionary, minimally invasive diagnostic device used to provide real-time analysis, faster treatment and effective outcomes.

An injured knee or shoulder can take weeks to visualize and diagnose with an MRI. As an alternative to an MRI, mi-eye 2 provides fast, real-time, vivid imaging that benefits both patient and doctor. With the answers necessary to determine the best treatment in just one office visit, patients can be scheduled for treatment immediately.

mi-eye 2 is ideal for patients who:

  • Want an immediate answer to what is causing their pain. Doctors and patients can watch mi-eye 2’s visualization in real-time on an HD screen to demonstrate the nature of an injury or to demonstrate that nothing is injured.
  • Are not candidates for an MRI. Patients with claustrophobia, pacemakers, metal implants, obesity or anxiety can gain peace of mind and save time.

The typical mi-eye 2 procedure takes less than five minutes to perform. In some cases, the problem is visualized immediately depending on what specifically is being looked for in the joint. Patients tolerate the procedure very well, with most reporting little to no pain. Local anesthetic is used prior to the mi-eye 2 procedure to help eliminate any unnecessary pain or discomfort.

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