Nancy Harkey – Patient Story

Problem: Spending countless hours using all of Nancy’s major joints resulting in discomfort in her hip and knees.
Treatment: Hip and knee replacement
Result: Returning to an upbeat and active lifestyle, even after three major joint replacements.

Nancy HarkeyNancy Harkey is a kind, full-of-life individual who has always maintained a very active lifestyle.

She was a cheerleader all throughout high school and college, and an aerobics instructor for many years. The end result of all those active years, spending countless hours using all of her major joints, ultimately led her to see a physician. Nancy needed some issues addressed in order to keep her at her best.

Several years ago, Nancy accompanied her aunt for a doctor’s appointment at The Orthopedic Center. Her aunt had injured herself in a fall and was in need of an orthopedic specialist. Dr. Mark Leberte was the orthopaedic specialist treating Nancy’s aunt, and her outcome couldn’t have been better. Once Nancy witnessed how successful Dr. Leberte’s treatment of her aunt was, she knew if she ever needed an orthopaedic specialist, Dr. Leberte would be the physician she would ask for.

Not too much time had passed before Nancy’s activity caught up with her and she needed care.

She started to struggle with discomfort in her knees and hip. Even though Nancy knew she would certainly need to have these joints repaired, Dr. Leberte assured her that they would not perform surgery until it was absolutely necessary.  When there was no other option but to have surgery, Nancy had complete confidence that she was in good hands with Dr. Leberte. One moment that stood out for Nancy was how well Dr. Leberte worked his treatment around her diabetic condition, and how he treats any and all concerns someone might have when it comes to surgery and the recovery process.

Dr. Leberte performed surgery on Nancy and replaced both her right and left knee.

Nancy recovered well, with no complications from either of her knee surgeries. Besides having her knees replaced, she also went through the procedure of having her right hip replaced. Even with three major joint replacements, Nancy has returned to her upbeat and active lifestyle.

Nancy explained that from the very first visit to the last check up, “Dr. Leberte and his team were extremely great. They provided such a positive and uplifting experience throughout their clinic. Dr. Leberte and his team have the ability to make you forget that you are even at a doctor’s appointment.” Nancy proudly expressed that “this group honestly makes you feel welcomed and shows just how much they truly care for their patients.”

Dr. Mark A. Leberte

Dr. Mark Leberte is a member of The Orthopaedic Center Trauma Team. He is board-certified in orthopaedic surgery. He provides expert care for patients with simple to severe musculoskeletal injuries and related complications such as hip and knee problems. Dr. Leberte offers advanced surgical procedures to preserve function and relieve pain in young and elderly patients. In addition to fracture care, Dr. Leberte provides general orthopaedic surgical care including joint replacement surgery.

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