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TOC Fit Tips: Hips & Knees

3 Easy Exercises and Joint Strengthening Tips For Your Hips & Knees

Fit Tips - Hips & Knees | TOC | The Orthopaedic CenterEveryday life can be very demanding on your body’s joints, so it’s especially common for athletes to feel occasional pain in those areas. If you need a joint issue addressed, TOC has a specialist for you.  Meanwhile, here are some helpful conditioning exercises our physicians recommend to keep your body strong. These exercises use just your body weight, no equipment needed! Continue reading “TOC Fit Tips: Hips & Knees”

Football Fun & Avoiding Injury

Growing up in the Deep South, you quickly learn that a few things are non-negotiable: respecting your elders, drinking sweet tea, and choosing your favorite football team. 

TOC Sports Medicine - The Orthopaedic Center
Dr. Greco & Team administer aid on the spot.

Everyone loves the excitement of football season, and here at TOC, we pride ourselves in the excellent care provided to our athlete patients, both on and off the field.  With offerings such as health and wellness evaluations and Friday night post-game injury clinics, TOC has always been involved in our community’s sports. Continue reading “Football Fun & Avoiding Injury”