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Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Your hands are working in essentially all the moments of your day, from waving to neighbors to shaking on a new business deal, typing up the next great American novel to tickling your kids or grandkids. These movements – from routine to monumental – become anything but easy if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. Continue reading “Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options”

The Orthopaedic Center: Your Family’s Home for Outstanding Care

Since 1999, The Orthopaedic Center has been one of the region’s most trusted orthopaedic service providers, delivering compassionate and highly competent care for any problem with your bones and their surrounding joints and muscles. We are a full-range orthopaedic practice that has you and your family covered – from head to toe.

Care for Everyone, Every Time

Our team of 37 physicians at The Orthopaedic Center is proud to treat patients of all ages and stages – from infants to those of advanced age. With 11 sub-specialties, our exceptionally trained physicians will develop an individualized care plan to get you back to living the life you love. Our Hand and Upper Extremity Center and Foot and Ankle Center will have you back waving to your neighbors and chasing after your kids and grandkids before you know it. For all the areas in between, we have dedicated Centers for the Shoulder, Knee, and Spine, fully staffed with board-certified surgeons and support personnel to get you on the express lane to wellness. Should a joint replacement be in your best interest, our Joint Replacement Center has been ranked by US News and World Report as a High Performing Hospital for Hip and Knee Replacement.

Generalized orthopaedic care is also available to treat a host of conditions including arthritis, osteoporosis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Our board-certified physiatrists in our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department are well-respected for non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal ailments, from amputation to fibromyalgia.

No one is too small to become part of our medical family. Our pediatric specialists will lovingly care for your little one, whether you are being seen for issues ranging from cerebral palsy to needing stabilization from a growth plate fracture. And perhaps the best part, as your kiddo continues to grow, there is a provider to grow with you – so there’s no need to move practices.

For more urgent needs, we offer a Trauma Center as well as Sports Medicine services. Our Level 1 Trauma Center is the only one of its kind in North Alabama – with a trauma surgeon available day and night. We are also the largest provider of sports medicine services in the area. You’ll see us around town advocating for all walks of active lifestyles – whether it be on the sidelines of a Huntsville Havoc game or at a Friday Night Post-Game Injury Clinic.

You’re a Name, Not a Number

Our physicians and support staff are nationally acclaimed. But here at The Orthopaedic Center, we believe that distinction is only a portion of what contributes to a thriving doctor-patient relationship. At The Orthopaedic Center, you are more than a patient – you’re part of the family. Our physicians are honored to rally alongside you in your orthopaedic journey, no matter what situation you are experiencing. And our providers can collaborate with those outside of our scope of care (speaking with your nutritionists, exercise physiologists, and athletic trainers) to create a streamlined plan tailored to your personal goals with the mission of you receiving the best care possible.

Meeting You Where You Are

The Orthopaedic Center is proud to call North Alabama home. With over 13 locations in the Tennessee Valley, we have an intentional space to meet you right where you are, both literally and figuratively. We have even launched orthopaedic and therapy services in Decatur so our Morgan County patients can spend less of their day in the car to meet with their medical team.

Wherever we go, our patients come first – and we’re always looking for new ways to make orthopaedic care accessible to all. In July 2023, The Orthopaedic Center merged with Huntsville Hospital, meaning that the area’s two top medical providers are now working together to treat their most important patient – you.

The Orthopaedic Center: Cutting Edge and Close to Home

We are dedicated to staying up-to-speed with the newest advancements in orthopaedic medicine to bring you modern medicine’s best without having to travel far from home. Come see how it feels to be treated by a world-class team at state-of-the-art facilities where you’re cared for as a whole person, not just a patient. It’s next-level medical treatment with a personal touch. It’s The Orthopaedic Center.

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How to Handle These Common Hand Injuries from Contact Sports

Whether someone is a professional athlete, a member of a high school or college team, or is your typical weekend warrior, hand and wrist injuries are common. Prompt management of the injury is essential for healing and preventing any long-term issues. Learning how to handle these common injuries from contact sports is advantageous to anyone who is active.

What Sports Have the Highest Risk for Hand Injuries?

Approximately 25% of all sports injuries involve the hand or wrist. Finger, hand, and wrist injuries are particularly more common in contact sports like soccer, football, wrestling, skiing, snowboarding, high-speed biking, skateboarding, and gymnastics. Injuries can happen from a direct blow or a fall, jerking, jamming, or twisting the hand and wrist.

Pulled muscles and strains, fractures, dislocations, tendon injuries, and crushing injuries are among the most frequent conditions diagnosed for an injured athlete or active individual.

How to Spot Severe Hand Injuries from Contact Sports

Royalty-free stock photo ID: 551113072 shot of a basketball player with a wrist injury at outdoors

If you sustain an injury, and have only mild pain, bruising, or swelling, try at-home treatment first. Apply ice, rest, and elevate the hand and use some compression to reduce any minor pain and swelling. In addition, you can use over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication.

If the pain becomes progressively worse, stop engaging in regular sports activities, and see The Orthopedic Center right away for an official diagnosis.

Seek immediate care if you experience any of the following acute symptoms:

  • Severe sudden pain and swelling
  • A clicking or grating sound when moving fingers or hand
  • If the hand and fingers feel cold to the touch or turn grey
  • Numbness
  • Bleeding that does not stop or slow down within 15 minutes
  • An abnormal twisting or bending of the hand or fingers

An acute injury should be treated without delay to prevent further complications. The symptoms mentioned above will not improve on their own, as they require professional treatment from a specialist like The Orthopedic Center.

Treatments for Sports-Related Hand Injuries

Depending on the severity of the injury, its location, the type of injury, and how long ago it happened will determine the treatment The Orthopedic Center will recommend.

In fact, several treatments may be appropriate. Pain medications, taping for support, utilization of a brace or splint, and physical therapy can all work hand-in-hand to gradually help the body heal. More severe injuries may require a cast or surgery.

Delaying treatment can cause some severe and long-term consequences, which is why you should call The Orthopedic Center if you have sustained a serious sports-related injury to your hand or wrist.

As always, if you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call (256) 539-2728 or request an appointment online today!

Physicians with Speciality Hand, Wrist, & Elbows:

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Joint Replacement: Is it Right for You?

Degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis, musculoskeletal disease, or joint trauma can create complications that impact the quality of your life. TOC’s highly trained and board-certified doctors can help you manage these complications and work towards solutions that support your overall wellness.

We are the first and only group in the region to offer a full range of joint replacements including, Shoulders, Knees, Ankles, and Hips (posterior and anterior approaches), as well as Robotic-assisted Knee and anterior Hip replacements.

For some patients, joint replacement may be recommended. It’s a treatment option that can help restore and improve function for people who experience limitations in their range of motion and mobility, or who are enduring regular pain. Typically, we see these issues in hips and knees, but shoulders and ankles are also affected. When surgery is performed by a joint replacement specialist, patients find that they can return to activities like walking, tennis, gardening, golf, and playing with their kids all without pain.

Joint surgery can be a game changer, but it’s not for everybody. That’s why TOC carefully considers if it’s an appropriate treatment option for each patient as an individual. There’s a thorough discussion of all the available options before deciding on the best treatment plan.

TOC Surgeons: Leaders in Joint Replacement

If joint replacement is the option selected, patients can be confident in the quality of their care with TOC. Our orthopaedic physicians are award-winning and have been awarded a Health Grades Five-Star distinction for Total Knee Replacement as the exclusive Joint Replacement providers at Huntsville Hospital.

Joint replacement patients can also feel confident that their treatment will be state-of-the-art. TOC specialists develop personalized options for each patient including posterior, anterior, and the Mako robotic-assisted surgery.

Whichever joint is causing challenges, TOC has talented, caring professionals to evaluate the extent of your issues, and whether surgical or non-surgical treatment options are best. If surgery is required, you can be confident it will be delivered in a way that maximizes your post-surgery function.

With award-winning surgeons and state-of-the-art technology, TOC is the place to be for joint replacements. Schedule your appointment for a consultation today and take the first step toward enjoying the rest of your active life.


Physicians with special training in Joint Replacement:

Patrick Boyett, DO (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
Joseph Clark, MD (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
Matthew DeOrio, MD (Ankle)
David Griffin, MD (Hip & Knee)
James Hughey, III, DO (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
William Lawrence, DO (Knee & Shoulder)
Mark Leberte, MD (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
Su Madanagopal, MD (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
Philip Maddox, MD (Knee & Shoulder)
Allan Maples, MD (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
Howard Miller, MD (Hip & Knee & Shoulder)
Christopher Parks, MD (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
Bradley Sabatini, MD (Ankle)
Matthew Smith, DO (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
Eric Stanford, DO (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
Thomas Thomasson, MD (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)

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Spine Care at TOC: We have your back!

It’s common knowledge that the spine serves many essential functions: it helps you stand tall, sit comfortably, and move with ease. Whether you are a football player or a retired school teacher, spine injuries can be devastating. Nobody likes to have a “pain in the back.”  You want to take good care of your spine to maintain quality of life, mobility, and independence.

Some common and not-so-common spine issues:

Issues with discs. Injuries can occur in any section of your spine: Neck (cervical), Thoracic (mid-back), and/or Lumbar (lower back). These discs can herniate, tear, and degenerate. The causes of such injuries vary greatly. Degeneration and tears can happen with normal wear and tear from aging, while herniation can result from lifting, twisting, pulling, or some other movement.

Pinched nerves. A nerve can become pinched if there’s too much pressure on it. That can be the result of something pushing on it, like muscle, tendon, cartilage, or even bone. When a nerve is pinched, it can cause tingling, numbness, or discomfort.

Sciatica. The sciatic nerve runs along your back and down to the legs. When that nerve sustains an injury, it can become very uncomfortable. Pain can be felt in the back, legs, and bottom, and the discomfort has been known to hinder common regular motion.

Scoliosis. Kids, adolescents, and those who have arthritis might find that their spine has developed an abnormal curve. This curve can create pressure and discomfort that may affect the back and lower extremities.

There are multiple approaches, both surgical and non-surgical, that can treat these spinal issues. TOC physicians Blake Boyett, Larry Parker, John Rodriguez-Feo, Brian Scholl, Morris Seymour, and Murray Spruiell handle surgical options to address spinal issues; and physicians Hunter Boyett, Brian Carter, Jason Hatfield, Craig Lincoln, and Saranya Nadella specialize in non-surgical interventions for spinal issues. Physicians Steven Buckley, Corey Burke, and Michael Lawley, TOC’s pediatric orthopaedic specialists, treat spine issues in children ages newborn to 14.

Non-surgical approaches include:

Bracing. Some patients find stability and comfort in a corset-like brace. The brace goes around the back and stomach and can provide additional support where needed.

Injections. Several forms of injections can bring relief. Facet injection is primarily performed for chronic neck and back pain due to spondylarthrosis. An epidural injection may relieve radiating arm or leg pain caused when a nerve in the spine is inflamed or compressed (“pinched nerve”).

Medication. Pain and inflammation can often be managed with prescription and over-the-counter medications. These may include steroids and narcotics.

Physical Therapy. With exercise, active therapy, massage, electrical stimulation, heat, ice, or ultrasound, trained practitioners can help alleviate spinal discomfort.

Pay attention to your posture and stretch regularly. Move carefully, with intention, and watch for signs your spine might need attention.


At TOC, we have your back and are here if you need us.


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