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Elaine Bao – Athlete Of The Week – March 2023

Congratulations to Elaine Bao from Bob Jones High School. She is the TOC Sports and Huntsville Hospital Sports Center Athlete of the Week for March 2023!




Elaine Bao

Bob Jones High School


5.06  GPA


-Junior Women’s National Criterium Champion / Top 10 – National Road Race Championship / 2X Winner – Music City Criterium

-National Merit Semifinalist / AP Scholar w/ Distinction / Mu Alpha Theta / 3X HS Allstate Band Selection / National Honors Society

-Youth Band Member for Local Church / Presidential Gold Volunteer Service Award for online tutoring / Mana House Volunteer

Hunter Taylor – Athlete Of The Week – March 2023

Congratulations to Hunter Taylor from Guntersville High School. He is the TOC Sports and Huntsville Hospital Sports Center Athlete of the Week for March 2023!




Hunter Taylor

Guntersville High School

Baseball / Football

4.0 GPA



– 2-Year Varsity Starter & Team Captain – Football /  3-Year Varsity Starter & Team Captain – Baseball / Received Camp Invitation

-“A” Honor Roll / National Honors society / National Beta Club Member / National Society of High School Scholars

-Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) – Intern / Community Event Planner / Group Ministry Volunteer

How to Handle These Common Hand Injuries from Contact Sports

Whether someone is a professional athlete, a member of a high school or college team, or is your typical weekend warrior, hand and wrist injuries are common. Prompt management of the injury is essential for healing and preventing any long-term issues. Learning how to handle these common injuries from contact sports is advantageous to anyone who is active.

What Sports Have the Highest Risk for Hand Injuries?

Approximately 25% of all sports injuries involve the hand or wrist. Finger, hand, and wrist injuries are particularly more common in contact sports like soccer, football, wrestling, skiing, snowboarding, high-speed biking, skateboarding, and gymnastics. Injuries can happen from a direct blow or a fall, jerking, jamming, or twisting the hand and wrist.

Pulled muscles and strains, fractures, dislocations, tendon injuries, and crushing injuries are among the most frequent conditions diagnosed for an injured athlete or active individual.

How to Spot Severe Hand Injuries from Contact Sports

Royalty-free stock photo ID: 551113072 shot of a basketball player with a wrist injury at outdoors

If you sustain an injury, and have only mild pain, bruising, or swelling, try at-home treatment first. Apply ice, rest, and elevate the hand and use some compression to reduce any minor pain and swelling. In addition, you can use over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication.

If the pain becomes progressively worse, stop engaging in regular sports activities, and see The Orthopedic Center right away for an official diagnosis.

Seek immediate care if you experience any of the following acute symptoms:

  • Severe sudden pain and swelling
  • A clicking or grating sound when moving fingers or hand
  • If the hand and fingers feel cold to the touch or turn grey
  • Numbness
  • Bleeding that does not stop or slow down within 15 minutes
  • An abnormal twisting or bending of the hand or fingers

An acute injury should be treated without delay to prevent further complications. The symptoms mentioned above will not improve on their own, as they require professional treatment from a specialist like The Orthopedic Center.

Treatments for Sports-Related Hand Injuries

Depending on the severity of the injury, its location, the type of injury, and how long ago it happened will determine the treatment The Orthopedic Center will recommend.

In fact, several treatments may be appropriate. Pain medications, taping for support, utilization of a brace or splint, and physical therapy can all work hand-in-hand to gradually help the body heal. More severe injuries may require a cast or surgery.

Delaying treatment can cause some severe and long-term consequences, which is why you should call The Orthopedic Center if you have sustained a serious sports-related injury to your hand or wrist.

As always, if you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call (256) 539-2728 or request an appointment online today!

Physicians with Speciality Hand, Wrist, & Elbows:

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Vivian Grace Willett – Athlete Of The Week – March 2023

Congratulations to Vivian Grace Willett from Hazel Green High School. She is the TOC Sports and Huntsville Hospital Sports Center Athlete of the Week for March 2023!




Vivian Grace Willett

Hazel Green High School

Soccer / Competition Cheer & Dance

3.85 GPA



-Varsity Soccer Member & Team Captain / Varsity Letterman – Dance, Soccer & Cheer / UCA All-American Cheerleader

-Girls State Representative (Choir) / National Honors Society / Principal’s Advisory Board / Honor Choir Member / Class Secretary

-HS Student Ambassador / Volunteer Soccer Coach / S.P.A.R.K.S. Program Mentor / Church Student Assistant & Volunteer

Mason Meadows – Athlete Of The Week – February 2023

Congratulations to Mason Meadows from Madison County High School. He is the TOC Sports and Huntsville Hospital Sports Center Athlete of the Week for February 2023!




Mason Meadows

Madison County High School

Football / Basketball

4.0 GPA



-3-Year Varsity Team Captain – Football / 4-Year varsity Team Captain – Basketball / First Team All-Region – Football

-FCCLA – Member / National Honors Society / Bryant-Jordan Foundation Regional Winner / A-Honor Roll

-CASA Volunteer – Meal Delivery / Downtown Rescue Mission Volunteer / Youth Football & Basketball Camp Volunteer

Sydney Truesdall – Athlete Of The Week – February 2023

Congratulations to Sydney Truesdall from Bob Jones High School. She is the TOC Sports and Huntsville Hospital Sports Center Athlete of the Week for February 2023!



Sydney Truesdall

Bob Jones High School

Track and Field / Band

4.19  GPA




-2019 Indoor State Champion – Pole Vault / 2X 7A Sectionals Champion – Pole Vault / Competition Band – Section Leader

-“A” Average throughout Advance Placement (AP) & Honors Courses / National Honor Society / Music Honor Society VP

-Music Performer at Senior Centers & Charity Events / Establishing a National Athletic Honors Society / Book Illustrator

Evan Munson – Athlete Of The Week – February 2023

Congratulations to Evan Munson from Huntsville High School. He is the TOC Sports and Huntsville Hospital Sports Center Athlete of the Week for February 2023!




Evan Munson

Huntsville High School





-“Best Defensive Player” Team Award Winner / Coach’s Award Winner / Club Team Starter and Tournament Finalist

-National Merit Commended Scholar / National Science Honor Society / Academic Honor Roll / Outstanding Student Award

-Environment Club Member (Educating & Empowering Students) / Volunteer at Local Woodworking Shop


Joint Replacement: Is it Right for You?

Degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis, musculoskeletal disease, or joint trauma can create complications that impact the quality of your life. TOC’s highly trained and board-certified doctors can help you manage these complications and work towards solutions that support your overall wellness.

We are the first and only group in the region to offer a full range of joint replacements including, Shoulders, Knees, Ankles, and Hips (posterior and anterior approaches), as well as Robotic-assisted Knee and anterior Hip replacements.

For some patients, joint replacement may be recommended. It’s a treatment option that can help restore and improve function for people who experience limitations in their range of motion and mobility, or who are enduring regular pain. Typically, we see these issues in hips and knees, but shoulders and ankles are also affected. When surgery is performed by a joint replacement specialist, patients find that they can return to activities like walking, tennis, gardening, golf, and playing with their kids all without pain.

Joint surgery can be a game changer, but it’s not for everybody. That’s why TOC carefully considers if it’s an appropriate treatment option for each patient as an individual. There’s a thorough discussion of all the available options before deciding on the best treatment plan.

TOC Surgeons: Leaders in Joint Replacement

If joint replacement is the option selected, patients can be confident in the quality of their care with TOC. Our orthopaedic physicians are award-winning and have been awarded a Health Grades Five-Star distinction for Total Knee Replacement as the exclusive Joint Replacement providers at Huntsville Hospital.

Joint replacement patients can also feel confident that their treatment will be state-of-the-art. TOC specialists develop personalized options for each patient including posterior, anterior, and the Mako robotic-assisted surgery.

Whichever joint is causing challenges, TOC has talented, caring professionals to evaluate the extent of your issues, and whether surgical or non-surgical treatment options are best. If surgery is required, you can be confident it will be delivered in a way that maximizes your post-surgery function.

With award-winning surgeons and state-of-the-art technology, TOC is the place to be for joint replacements. Schedule your appointment for a consultation today and take the first step toward enjoying the rest of your active life.


Physicians with special training in Joint Replacement:

Patrick Boyett, DO (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
Joseph Clark, MD (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
Matthew DeOrio, MD (Ankle)
David Griffin, MD (Hip & Knee)
James Hughey, III, DO (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
William Lawrence, DO (Knee & Shoulder)
Mark Leberte, MD (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
Su Madanagopal, MD (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
Philip Maddox, MD (Knee & Shoulder)
Allan Maples, MD (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
Howard Miller, MD (Hip & Knee & Shoulder)
Christopher Parks, MD (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
Bradley Sabatini, MD (Ankle)
Matthew Smith, DO (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
Eric Stanford, DO (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)
Thomas Thomasson, MD (Hip, Knee & Shoulder)

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Ashlynn Reed – Athlete Of The Week – February 2023

Congratulations to Ashlynn Reed from Section High School. She is the TOC Sports and Huntsville Hospital Sports Center Athlete of the Week for February 2023!




Ashlynn Reed

Section High School


3.975 GPA



-2X UCA All-American Cheerleader / 2X Regional Cheer Champion / State Cheer Champion / Varsity Cheer Captain

-Beta Club Member / National Math Honors Society Member / Phi Theta Kappa: International College Honor Society

– Hope for Heels Volunteer (Ovarian Cancer Awareness) / Church Member and Food Bank Volunteer

Jacob Roberts – Athlete Of The Week – January 2023

Congratulations to Jacob Roberts from Buckhorn High School.  He is the TOC Sports and Huntsville Hospital Sports Center Athlete of the Week for January 2023!




Jacob Roberts

Buckhorn High School


3.9 GPA



-Selected as Archery Team Member / High School Archery Team Representative for Alabama State and National Competition

-“A” Honor Roll Member / Recognized AP Scholar / National Honors Society Member / 4x Easton Academic Archer

-Eagle Scout / Active Member and Acolyte of local church / Selected to serve as Alabama DeMolay / 100+ Volunteer Hours