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TOC Fit Tips: Hips & Knees

3 Easy Exercises and Joint Strengthening Tips For Your Hips & Knees

Fit Tips - Hips & Knees | TOC | The Orthopaedic CenterEveryday life can be very demanding on your body’s joints, so it’s especially common for athletes to feel occasional pain in those areas. If you need a joint issue addressed, TOC has a specialist for you.  Meanwhile, here are some helpful conditioning exercises our physicians recommend to keep your body strong. These exercises use just your body weight, no equipment needed!

Stay active and integrate these tips into your weekly exercise routine, and you may just find yourself singing along “head and shoulders, hips and knees!”

Wall squats:

Stand with your head and back against a wall, with your feet shoulder length apart. Bend at the knee slightly, squatting at a 30 degree angle. Press yourself back up to a standing position. Try doing this mini squat 10 times.

Standing up from seated:

Sit yourself in a chair, stand up slowly and lower yourself down again. Again, your feet should be shoulder-width apart, and make sure your knees are over your feet. Do this for 30 seconds, using arm rests for support if needed.

Balancing on one leg:

Use a counter or table to support yourself and stand beside it. Lift one leg up for ten seconds and then lower it. As you get stronger, rely less on your supporting hand while balancing. Do this exercise on both sides to build strength equally so you don’t create an imbalance.

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(This article was originally published in TOC’s Fall 2018 Newsletter.)