TOC Hurricane Relief: Update

TOC’s Dr. Leberte and his family delivered your generous donations to Parker City, FL, which is about 19 miles from Mexico Beach.  As you can see, there is extensive damage there.  The aid workers they met are a super group from California, and the supplies, especially the water, were greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

While TOC is no longer collecting donations, there are still plenty of opportunities to keep the relief effort going. Click here for more information: Hurricane Relief on


TOC recognizes that even as daily life is changing, injuries still occur – even in a pandemic – and our community still needs orthopaedic care. We will continue to offer the same exceptional care, all the while ensuring the welfare and safety of our patients and employees. In light of the COVID-19 situation, TOC has taken strong measures to protect but yet remain accessible to the Tennessee Valley. Our highest priorities are to provide a safe working environment and to administer care to our patients safely.

By taking the following precautionary measures, it is our goal to maintain patients’ safety while providing the highest level of care:

TOC will continue to carry out our mission of being accessible with the safety of our employees and patients at the forefront of our minds.

Thank you for your trust, and we look forward to seeing you!