What is Pediatric Orthopaedics?

Pediatric Orthopaedics is a specialized field of orthopaedic medicine. The physicians in this field aren’t just dealing with smaller versions of adult joints; the approach taken is completely different.

Growing bones need specialized attention

For instance, children’s bones start off as cartilage. That’s why, diagnostically speaking, ultrasounds are often used instead of x-rays. The difference in composition also means the bones can break differently. That means different treatment plans and physical therapy methods are needed.

Growth plates are also a factor in how orthopaedic conditions are treated in children. When kids have a fracture near a growth plate, it can create developmental problems down the road. From a bone growth perspective, being mindful of the plates when looking at pediatric injuries and chronic conditions is key.

Another factor to consider is time. We always say, “children grow so fast!”  The same can be said about their healing. Children need to be looked at right away so fractures don’t heal in a way that will cause problems later.

In pediatric orthopaedics, some kids aren’t always able to tell us what’s wrong. Whether that’s because children are too young to talk, or don’t have the vocabulary to describe their issue, they need to be evaluated by a professional who is trained to notice and diagnose issues without a lot of intentional input from the patient.

Trust TOC’s Pediatric Orthopaedic Team

A pediatric orthopaedist is always the best choice when your child is dealing with orthopaedic challenges. TOC has the only specialized professionals within 100 miles in this complex area of medicine and we would love to help your children feel their best.

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Pediatric Injury Clinic

Pediatric Injury Clinic

To better meet the urgent and unique needs of an adventurous child, TOC’s Pediatric Team is now offering a Pediatric Injury Clinic offering urgent walk-in* care any weekday afternoon:

Mon-Fri 1:00-4:00, 5th Floor, Huntsville Main Location (927 Franklin St.)

* Most insurances are accepted; physician referral may be required by your insurance