TOC Now Offers Pricing Transparency

Patients can now shop for healthcare the same way they shop for everything else – with price, quality, and convenience. At TOC, we believe in providing self-pay patients with pricing transparency, so you know the cost of your services upfront.

What is pricing transparency?

Pricing transparency is a tool for self-pay patients to use when they want to know the costs of the services we provide. We offer bundled payment options through HealthMe for those seeking to pay directly for care apart from an in-network insurance plan. This way, self-pay patients know exactly what they’re paying for ahead of time, including exams and treatment plans.

Which orthopedic practices offer pricing transparency?

TOC is the first and only orthopedic practice in Alabama to offer pricing transparency.

Why is TOC providing pricing transparency?

Our goal is to make treatment a convenient “one-stop shop” for our patients. Most of our services can be done on-site, including exams, x-rays, and even physical therapy. Pricing transparency is part of our goal. When you are able to avoid surprise bills, you can focus your energy on getting back to pain-free living.

Which TOC services have pricing transparency?

You can find payment bundles in the following specialties:

Pricing transparency benefits self-pay patients, self-insured employers, patients with out-of-network insurance coverage, health sharing ministries, and anyone who bears the out-of-pocket expense for our services. If you’d like to see our payment bundles or schedule an appointment, you can click below.

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