TOC Athens Now Offers Outpatient Joint Replacement

With the introduction of TOC Athens Outpatient Joint Replacement services, Athens patients no longer need to travel to improve their joint health. TOC’s joint replacement specialists – Dr. Patrick Boyett, Dr. William Lawrence, and Dr. Eric Stanford – can now give patients the exceptional outcomes they expect right here in Athens, with no hospital stay. Outpatient joint replacement is much more beneficial for patients, as there are fewer complications, improved outcomes, and increased patient comfort.

About the Physicians

Performing over 250 joint replacements each year, Dr. Boyett focuses on minimally invasive joint reconstruction, giving his patients a quicker recovery with less pain. Most of his patients have the ability to walk without assistance on the same day as their surgery.

Dr. William “Bill” Lawrence enjoys spending time with each patient and helping them improve their mobility and function. Dr. Lawrence focuses his practice on total joint replacement, sports medicine, and hand procedures.

Dr. Eric Stanford’s primary focus is to improve each patient’s quality of life. Minimally invasive procedures such as outpatient total joints provide him additional opportunities to do just that.


“When we do outpatient joint replacement, we are able to make minimally invasive incisions, give patients multimodal pain management, and provide accelerated rehabilitation. All of these together allow for faster recovery.” -Dr. Eric Stanford


The highest priority of TOC’s joint replacement specialists in Athens is to minimize infection risk. This is achieved through preoperative screenings, preoperative patient scrubs, and antibiotics before and after joint replacement surgery. The physicians then coordinate with TOC Athens Physical Therapy to give patients a more comprehensive recovery. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, you can do so by calling (256) 233-2332 or clicking below.

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