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Football Fun & Avoiding Injury

Growing up in the Deep South, you quickly learn that a few things are non-negotiable: respecting your elders, drinking sweet tea, and choosing your favorite football team. 

TOC Sports Medicine - The Orthopaedic Center
Dr. Greco & Team administer aid on the spot.

Everyone loves the excitement of football season, and here at TOC, we pride ourselves in the excellent care provided to our athlete patients, both on and off the field.  With offerings such as health and wellness evaluations and Friday night post-game injury clinics, TOC has always been involved in our community’s sports. We provide sports medicine care to all high schools in the Huntsville, Madison and Athens City School Systems, as well as several within Jackson, Limestone and Madison Counties. More schools, more teams and more athletes trust the physicians from TOC. Even Alabama A&M University and the Huntsville Havoc count on TOC to “Keep Them in the Game”. 

Of course, with the high intensity of the game and the full contact nature of the sport, football players are susceptible to experiencing an occasional injury. That is why TOC has cutting-edge technology, such as Mi-Eye2. Preventing injury is always our end game, but with this new technology we are able to provide faster, more accurate assessments when athletic injuries do occur. 

Our physicians are renowned for positive treatment outcomes, but our goal is to help football players avoid such injuries. This is why we focus on preventative medicine and training. 

TOC recommends an annual health and wellness evaluation before the season starts, to assure each athlete is entering competition in prime health.  

Additionally, there are numerous ways we recommend football players reduce the risk of injury during the season, such as warming up and cooling down appropriately during games, staying hydrated, continuous strength training, being active year round, ensuring equipment is sound and appropriately sized, and tackling with the head up, not helmet first.  

TOC Sports Medicine - The Orthopaedic CenterTOC believes that team sports are an excellent way to learn invaluable skills such as leadership, sportsmanship, and team building. They can also be a great path toward college scholarships. But whether or not an athlete’s career continues to a collegiate level, some of their very best memories will be made in football stadiums all across the area this fall, and the physicians at TOC are excited to support our community athletes with pride. We wish everyone a safe and injury-free football season.

(This article was originally published in TOC’s Fall 2018 Newsletter.)