Beverly Sullivan – Patient Story

Problem: Arthritic knee pain that made doing these things difficult
Treatment: Knee replacement surgery and physical therapy
Result: Beverly returns to her active lifestyle of workout classes, traveling, and community events

Beverly, knee replacement patient of Dr. Thomasson at TOCA resolution Beverly wasn’t ready to make

When we make resolutions, they usually include promises to “give up” or “sacrifice” something in order to improve your life.  That’s exactly the kind of resolution Beverly Sullivan was not ready to make.  She wasn’t about to give up her favorite activities, like gardening, golfing, or attending her weekly gym class.  She was ready to give-up the arthritic pain in her knees that made doing these things difficult. For a woman like Beverly, slowing down is not an option.  With workout classes, community events or traveling to visit grandchildren filling her calendar, there was no place in Beverly’s life for arthritis.

After years of use, Beverly began having trouble with her knees – in particular, her left knee.

The discomfort had affected much of her life, and she knew it was time to address the issue.  After hearing a friend speak highly of Dr. Thomas Thomasson, she scheduled an appointment at TOC to see him. Beverly explained that while being treated by Dr. Thomasson, she was quickly able to pick up that he is a very down to earth individual who listens to any concerns you might have.

COVID-19 managed to throw a few curveballs into the process, but Dr. Thomasson and Huntsville Hospital were able to schedule and successfully arrange her knee replacement procedure. From her first appointment through her day of surgery, Beverly felt confident and comfortable under the care of Dr. Thomasson and his team.

Today, she is recovering beautifully.

She managed to graduate from Physical Therapy Rehab earlier than anticipated.  She made sure to work hard during each Physical Therapy Rehab session and stayed consistent with her PT homework as well, which are keys to a successful recovery!

Beverly was not going to let her joint pain get in the way of her active lifestyle and believes no one else should either. She expressed, “Dr. Thomasson is more than just your average doctor. He is caring, cautious, and easy to get along with.”

Dr. Thomas ThomassonDr. Thomas Thomasson is board-certified in orthopaedic surgery and specializes in joint replacement, including anterior hip replacement and robotic-assisted knee and hip replacement.

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