Best Foot Forward

There are 26 bones and 33 joints in the human foot and ankle, and the height of arches and the shape of the toes vary from person to person. There are many things you can do to keep your feet healthy, but there are times when it’s important to see an orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist to diagnose your foot or ankle problem.

Foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeons and podiatrists are physicians who have completed four years of medical school, specialized training in orthopaedic surgery, and most often advanced fellowship training in foot and ankle care. They are highly qualified physicians trained to care for a full spectrum of medical issues.

They treat a wide range of conditions including ankle and foot trauma, tendinitis, tendon rupture, ligament sprains and tears, Achilles tendon, club foot, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoes, claw toe, ankle and foot arthritis, and flat feet deformities. At TOC, we also specialize in diabetic limb salvage, wound care, and perform ankle replacements.

Some of these conditions can be the result of work or sports injuries, fractures, disease, congenital deformities, or defects. They can also be from overuse, repetitive strain, or when joints or tissue are subjected to too much stress.  No matter the cause, early and high-tech treatment is important for recovery.

PedCAT allows standing imaging for the most accurate assessment.

PedCAT: an Alabama first at TOC

In order to treat these conditions, our foot and ankle specialists have access to the new pedCAT technology. We are the only orthopaedic group in Alabama with this cutting edge technology, which provides CT and X-rays for diagnostic purposes. The pedCAT is an advanced diagnostic system giving doctors a crystal clear, 3D view of what’s going on so they can treat the problem.

The custom treatment plan developed for foot or ankle trauma will vary and is determined by patient age, hobbies, health, how serious the injury is, where the injury is, and how recently it took place.

In a best case scenario, some injuries can heal themselves, with minimal intervention needed. But when surgery is indicated, TOC considers microscopic and minimally-invasive procedures, which can be done on an outpatient basis!

While foot and ankle injuries can happen to anyone, the elderly are particularly vulnerable. Accidents may occur because of vision and balance issues plus lost bone mass can create a more fragile skeletal frame. Feet are the foundation of the whole body and need to be kept in good condition to contribute to overall wellness.

TOC’s Foot & Ankle Specialists

David A. Kyle, DPM, joined the TOC Foot and Ankle Team on April 1st.  He stands ready with our other talented doctors, Matthew J. DeOrio, MD, and J. Bradley Sabatini, MD to assist you with your foot and ankle needs. Also, we are excited to announce this August, the Huntsville Main TOC Foot and Ankle Center is moving to the 3rd floor.  Step into our newly renovated space and book your appointment with our team of foot and ankle professionals.

(This article originally appeared in TOC’s Summer 2019 newsletter).